• Mobile Fix Store is a local cell phone repair shop who is all about providing quality repairs that don’t do more damage to your phone than when you came in. It sounds simple but you would be surprised at the level of quality checks we must go through every day to ensure that no problems occur and that your device is fixed as fast as you need it.

    We’re a local store and we believe in local store prices. We’re not going to gouge you – you’re in a time of need! Your device has a problem and we know how much you need it. Our prices reflect that and we love giving back to the community this way!

    Our technicians are always up to date on devices, learning and innovating in the industry to do repairs faster and at a higher quality. We’re always working to make sure you spend less time without your phone and more time enjoying it! After all, the best repair is the one you don’t have to think about once it’s done.

    We keep your gadget in your pocket and out of the landfills – good for you and good for the environment!

    Schedule an appointment or walk-in today to get your device repaired – regardless of what your problem is!